The Solace Tree is a nonprofit organization based in Reno, Nevada that works with children, teens and adults who are grieving a loss or struggling emotionally and mentally. By providing a safe and healthy outlet for their feelings and thoughts, participants will be able to address unresolved issues of loss, with the end result being that they will become healthy, thriving and participating members of the community.

In addition to our on-site group meetings, we provide grief support in schools and in the work place for employers, as well as customized training for professionals and educators.

Over the last 15 years, The Solace Tree has served 7,121 children, 3,313 teens, and 3,187 adults. It is thanks to our wonderful team of volunteers who donate countless hours to help that we’re able to serve northern Nevada. As a nonprofit organization, The Solace Tree relies solely on the donations from individuals, events and foundations to operate.

Whether you need support, would like to volunteer or donate, or you are interested in booking a speaking event, we would love for you to connect with us.