World Suicide Prevention Day

September 10th

Suicide has long been one of the leading causes of death in this country.  It does not discriminate.  While people have become increasingly comfortable talking about their mental health, particularly this past year, the topic of suicide – when it comes up – is still scary for many people to think about.

It’s okay to talk about suicide.  Research has shown that talking about suicide doesn’t put the idea in someone’s head or push them to take their life.

It’s only by learning more about what leads someone to suicide, the ways we can help to prevent it, and what resources are available – and not being afraid to ask when we’re worried about someone, or for help when we need it ourselves – that we can empower our communities to address this leading cause of death.

We all have mental health. It’s time we take the next step, ask more deeply about what someone is experiencing, and if we need it, find help together.

Together, we can help #StopSuicide