Year-End Giving 2018

In this world that we live in today, there are many worthy charities and organizations that we can give to and know that we are helping to make a difference. We would be honored if you chose our charity for your Year-End Giving this year, so that you can help make a difference to the hundreds of school children that are struggling daily with mounting issues, which include grief and loss. We are there to support them through this, helping them work through their challenges to achieve hope for a healthy future and emotional well-being. Because how a child grieves is vital to their immediate and long-term health and success. Charity organizations, such as ourselves, typically receive 30% of their annual giving in the month of December, with 10% in just the last three days of the year. The Solace Tree is no exception and the support of generous people like you is crucial to helping our organization fulfill our mission within this community.

 Our Good Grief Project has provided support to 36 elementary schools, 10 middle schools and 1 high school in the last 7 years. This means we have helped more than 400 children and teens in a safe environment during school hours. But with over 64,000 students in the Washoe County School District alone, we could be helping more children. The Good Grief Project costs $1,500 per year or $750 each semester, and with your year-end giving, which is a 100% tax free donation, we can keep providing this service to those students and schools who need us the most.

Our goal is to raise $3,000 by December 31, 2018. This will cover the cost of the Good Grief Project in 2 schools for two semesters, or 4 schools for one semester each, including teacher and parent training sessions. Anything above that would just be a bonus because we could service additional schools.

Please donate today to help us support more young people in our community. All donations are tax deductible.

Here are some ways that you can donate today:


Donate by Credit Card: 


Donate through Facebook

Our Facebook Fundraiser link is:

Unlike other online fundraisers, there are no hidden fees and 100% of the donation will be received.


Donate by Check

Checks should be made out to The Solace Tree and mailed to:

The Solace Tree

PO Box 2944

Reno, NV 89505


If you would prefer to donate in person, please call The Solace Tree on 775-324-7723 or email and we will make all of the necessary arrangements for this to be convenient for you.